At this difficult time we would like to reassure our clients that we are doing all we can to minimise the risk of coronavirus infection to both our clients and our staff whilst still providing veterinary care 24/7 for the welfare of our patients.
In order for us to help you please adhere to the following instructions.
1)Always telephone before attending the surgery. Your case will be discussed and unnecessary visits may be avoided, a video consultation may be sufficient.
2)DO NOT come to the surgery if any of the following apply to you a
     a)You have symptoms of coronavirus(a fever or persistent cough)
     b)You have been in contact with someone with coronavirus symptoms
     c)The government has instructed you to self isolate.
 If the above apply to you please telephone us  so we can assess whether your pet needs to be seen and we will discuss with you how they can receive the care that they need.
3)If an appointment is necessary or a prescription is being picked up and none of 2 above apply you will be asked to report to the prescription pick up point to the side of the building to let us know you have arrived.A nurse or vet will take details of your pets symptoms over the telephone or in consultation in the car park.Ensure your pet is either in a secure carrier or has a well fitted collar or harness and lead.Your pet will be collected from outside the surgery and  clients will not be allowed access to the surgery, however you are welcome to watch through the consulting room window whilst your pet is examined.
4)Your pet will be examined in a consulting room as usual and then the vet will speak to you to discuss the case and what options of treatment are available.
5)Once treatment has been agreed and completed we will request payment is made at the prescription pick up point where any medication will also be dispensed. 
6)If you require repeat prescriptions please phone or email your request at least 48hrs before you need them.You will be requested to pay for your medication or prescription over the telephone.When you attend the surgery to collect your medication please follow the signs to the side of the building where there is a window for pickingup prescriptions.
7)If you are unable to collect your prescription we can deliver to the local area for a small fee.Written prescriptions can be emailed.
Due to theses changes in working practices things may take a little longer than usual and we would appreciate your understanding of this whilst we are working in challenging times .