Harriett Freeman PgD NAVP

Harriett Freeman is our Veterinary Physiotherapist; she qualified recently after studying for an MSc at Writtle University College. She is fully qualified, insured and registered with the NAVP (National associations of veterinary physiotherapists) which allows her to keep up to date with CPD and training.

Harriett has various amounts of experience working with animals. She has worked as a competition equestrian groom, a veterinary care assistant in a small veterinary practice. She has also written articles for Horse and Rider magazine and currently works for The Animal Therapy Media- which allows her to keep up to date with recent research and technologies.

What does a physiotherapy session include?

Static assessment: I perform an assessment looking at the animals overall conformation and how this may affect the way they move.

Dynamic assessment: I assess animals moving, this can be in hand and ridden with horses/lunging in all gaits.

Palpation and treatment: I assess each muscle to determine its tone, how big or small it is and if there is any pain. This helps to plan a treatment programme.

Various massage techniques, stretches and exercises are performed during a session. These are tailored to each animal as required.

Electrotherapies: I use different electrotherapies that can help prolong the effects of a treatment; Low level laser, pulsed electromagnetic therapy, TENS, hot and cold therapy.


Homework: I give all owners some homework to do after a treatment tailored to the individual animal to help speed up recovery, strengthen the animal and prolong the effects of a physiotherapy session.

My aims are always to improve the comfort, performance and wellbeing of patients.

Which patients benefit from Physiotherapy?

  • All animals!

  • Speeds and enhances patient recovery from injuries and elective surgery

  • Chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, neurological conditions, hip dysplasia and more

  • Prevent injuries  and improve performance

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