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For full information on the import and export of animals please refer to either or the APHA websites.

Requirements for travelling your pet depends upon which countries you wish to travel to and from. 


For full details please see the government website.Please be aware that current regulations may be subject to change so we advise always checking the current government website prior to travel.

PET PASSPORTS ISSUED IN THE UK WILL NO LONGER BE VALID FOR TRAVEL TO THE EU AND NORTHERN IRELAND.However we would advise keeping your pet passport if you already have one as it documents your previous rabies vaccinations and microchipping.

New regulations for travelling your pets to europe or northern ireland require you to take the following steps.

1) Your pet must be mirochipped

2) Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies at 12 weeks old or older

3)You need to wait 21days from the date of their rabies vaccination before you can travel

4) Visit your vet no more than 10 days before your travel date to be issued with an Animal Health Certificate (AHC).Please ring in plenty of time to arrange this appointment.

5)Travelling to the EU or Northern Ireland you must enter through a designated travellers point of entry where you will need to present your ducuments

6)If you are travelling your dog diectly in to Finland,ROI,NI,Norway or Malta it must have veterinary treatment for tapeworm 1-5 days prior to travel.This will be detailed on your AHC by your vet.

Remember to check the rules of the country you are travelling to for any additional restrictions or requirements well before your planned travel date.

For more information: or ring the surgery for advice.

Export outside the EU .

You will usually require an Export Health Certificate (EHC). 

Other requirements vary according to the country you are travelling to. 

Contact the APHA Centre for International Trade Carlisle to check what your specific requirements are:-


The Paddock Vet Practice has an OV qualified vet who can fill out the necessary documents once they have been obtained by you from the APHA.

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