For full information on the import and export of animals please refer to either or the APHA websites.

Requirements for travelling your pet depends upon which countries you wish to travel to and from. 

European Travel under the Pet Passport Scheme

At present you may travel to and from listed and European Union countries with a Pet Passport. 

Pet passports can be issued to Dogs, Cats and Ferrets. 

The requirements are that they are microchipped, vaccinated against rabies and a passport is issued by an official veterinary surgeon. Travel is permitted 21 day after the rabies vaccine is given. 

It is also a requirement that your pet receives a tapeworm treatment given by an official vet no less than 24 hours and no more 120 hours before return to the U.K. 

Although no other treatments are mandatory for travelling to European countries, we advise discussing with a vet or nurse how to help protect your animals whilst abroad. 

European Travel after 29/3/19 If a NO DEAL Brexit occurs

Full current advice is available on

A basic outline is that if we become an unlisted country due to a No Deal Brexit, it will take longer (4 months or possibly more) to prepare your pet for European travel.

You need to allow for :- 

a) Microchip and Rabies vaccine 

b) Blood test a minimum of 30 days after vaccination

c) Passport completion once a positive rabies blood test is received

d) Permission to travel 3 months from the date a positive blood test was taken

e) A health certificate issued by an official veterinarian no more than 10 days before you are due to travel.

Export outside the EU or listed countries

You will usually require an Export Health Certificate (EHC). 

Other requirements vary according to the country you are travelling to. 

Contact the APHA Centre for International Trade Carlisle to check what your specific requirements are:-


The Paddock Vet Practice has 2 OV qualified vets who can fill out the necessary documents once they have been obtained by you from the APHA.

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